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Updated: Sep 6

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NO BULLSHIP Blog invites YOU on a deep-sea odyssey, navigation set towards processing raw inner most thoughts and emotions; survival dependent upon screaming profanity middle-finger up.

Why Come Aboard?

We are imperfect souls, shipwrecked on the island of life, wading in isolation, drowning in the undertow of Karen infested waters, without maps of mainland journeys, but definitely headed in a direction to put our toes in the water, ass in the sand, have no worry in the world, praying a young hot lifeguard put a drink in our hand.

We speak unapologetic fluent sarcasm straight off the dusty library shelf: kinda memoir-ish, kinda opinion-ish, kinda what everyone is thinking but won't say & kinda pure BS.

We cast a widely vast topic net standing naked on the plank…you’ve been warned!

Welcome aboard Kacklers — strap on your sarcastic humor life jacket, pull down your hearted sleeves, and at all times be prepared to tie a cherry stem with just your tongue!

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